Archetypes: More than symbols, archetypes are primordial energies or spirits representing the organizing principles of the Universe. Each has a life and powers of its own, and when summoned is ready to assist us on our healing journey. The old Greek gods are an example of an archetype.

Chakras: Vortices of energy that spin clockwise located several inches outside the body. They are part of the luminous energy field (LEF). Chakras link to our spine and central nervous system. Each has a unique frequency perceived as one of the seven colors of the rainbow.

Despacho: A despacho is a prayer bundle or offering. For hundreds of years, the Laika have used the despacho ceremony for a wide variety of occasions—births, deaths, as an expression of gratitude, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to restore balance and harmony, or when there is a specific request of the spirit world.

Destiny: This is what endows life with meaning and purpose. It is a call to spiritual growth on a specific path that brings us to the fulfillment of our human potential.

Eagle: The symbolic animal of North American shamans associated with the east. The eagle represents vision, foresight, and the ability to see your life in its entirety.

Fate: Fate is a course that’s been predetermined by our family, our history, our genes, and our emotional wounds—it is the prearranged and seemingly inevitable series of events that happen to us.

The giveaway: A boundlessly generous offering—however great or small—made with all your heart, wisdom, forgiveness, and blessings, holding nothing back, not even your ideas about who you are and what you own. The more we practice the giveaway, the more life force and beauty and abundance flows through us, until we become an unstoppable torrent of beauty and healing, and the Primordial Light shines in us like the sun itself.

Hummingbird: An archetypal animal representing the epic journey that we can undertake in our lives, and associated with the north.

Imprints: When emotions that accompany trauma are not healed, they form imprints in the luminous energy field. These imprints contain instructions that predispose us to repeat those traumatic events.

Infinity: Prior to time itself and existing before time was born, infinity is a state of spiritual liberation in which we no longer exclusively identify ourselves within time or with a physical form threatened by death.

Jaguar: An archetypal animal representing the life-and-death principle and associated with the west.

Journey of discovery: A journey that can lead us to the sacred dream. Like Parsifal in the legend of King Arthur, we can find our Holy Grail, which is our sacred dream, but we must be brave and follow the unmarked trail, and not the path that has been left behind by others after their unsuccessful quest.

Journeying: A unique altered state of consciousness that allows us to enter non-ordinary reality and break free of linear time so we can revisit the past to heal events, and track into the future to achieve our destinies.

Laika: High shamans who were traditionally astronomers, architects, healers, sacred dreamers and seers, able to read the signs of destiny and co-create with the divine. Also known as Wisdomkeepers and Earthkeepers.

Light-beings: Also known as “angels” or “ascended masters,” these inter-dimensional spirits manifest on earth as pure energy (light).

Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds: The collective unconscious of all humanity is divided into three parts: the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds, which are archetypal, energetic domains.

  • The Lower World is where lost soul parts remain protected in grace and innocence.
  • The Middle World is this earth where we live, work, raise our families.
  • The Upper World is the invisible domain of our destiny and our spirit.

Luminous Energy Field (LEF): A translucent, multicolored orb surrounding and informing our physical body, the luminous energy field (LEF) contains a template of how we live, how we age, and how we might die. The LEF, also known as the luminous body, is a universal concept often described over the centuries as an aura or halo.

Luminous warriors: Men and women who have discovered their purpose and place in the universe. They know how to heal suffering, can access the creative power of the cosmos and create beauty in the world. Awake and strong, they are ready to face the challenges before them, armed with the light of understanding their true nature.

Mother Earth: Archetype of the giver and nurturer of life. She is the energy of the earth and its personification. Mother Earth is partnered with the Great Spirit or Father Sky. See also: Pachamama

Mystics: Wise and spiritually evolved individuals.

Non-ordinary reality or awareness: A shift in consciousness into an altered state empowers a shaman to journey to the past or future and return to their present life with a new direction that is in sync with our destiny.

Pacha: The ancient concept of infinite spacetime. It is fluid—a living torrent that flows through us and that the Laika learned to navigate. Shamans can take spiritual journeys through the river of time to accomplish any task—in the past, the future and places in between. Pacha is the basis of the word Pachamama, or Mother Earth, our home in time and space.

Pachakuti/Pachacuti: Historically, the Inka King who was given the prophecy that the world was turning over (coming of the Spanish); the keeper of possibilities, organizing principle of the Upper World; embodies the concept of circular time, stepping outside of linear time, makes time stand still, brings heavenly order. Coming into relationship with Pachakuti allows us to recognize what can be changed before it is born.

Pachamama: Mother Earth. She is the Creatrix whose presence permeates all creation. See also: Mother Earth

Primordial Light: The creative power of the Universe. It reveals our sacred dream and our destiny, and holds boundless resources. It was known by the ancient sages as Ti.

Power animal: Archetypal animal representing human qualities or attributes, such as courage and creativity. It makes its energy available by coming to us in dreams, meditation, or even in ordinary reality, signifying the need to embody the quality it represents.

Q’ero Nation: The last of the Incas, the Q’ero are a tribe of fewer than 600 who are spread out in six villages of the High Andes.

Quipus: An ancient Inca device for recording information—also known as “talking knots”—consisting of variously colored strings spun from llama wool knotted to represent numbers or stories.

Sacred dream: The sacred dream is a plan for the possible destiny of the cosmos and of every living being within it. It has the potential to guide us to our purpose and show us our place in the universe. It brings meaning and direction to life.

Serpent: An archetypal animal representing our connection to the earth and our ability to shed the past the way a snake sheds its skin. It is associated with the south.

Shaman: A self-realized person, a seer and healer, who has discovered the ways of Spirit through inner awakening. The shaman’s path is one of power and direct engagement with the forces of Spirit in its own domain, in infinity. A shaman experiences the visible and invisible realms, and knows that ordinary and non-ordinary realities permeate and suffuse each other.

Soul: The essential part of ourselves that preceded our entry into this world and endures beyond our lifetime. According to shamanic tradition, we are spirits having a physical experience.

Ti: Primordial light (pronounced “tea”).

Titicaca: The Sea on Top of the World,” from which, the legends say, the Inka were born.

Tracking: Following energy across space and time to perceive possible trajectories. The tracking process requires intense focus and clarity of intent.

Vision quest: An interior journey one embarks upon to encounter Spirit and receive guidance as well as the necessary grace to make a profound change in one’s life. Traditionally, this is accompanied by fasting and retreating from the world and into a place of seclusion.

Wisdomkeepers: See Laika.

Wiracocha: Also spelled Viracocha, it is the name of the Creator, Great Spirit, God. The word means “Sacred Source.” The eighth chakra, it hovers above the head like a spinning sun, connecting us with the Great Spirit.